How we benefit your son

Welcome to the unique world of Beta Chi Theta. It is a new standard of excellence and a revolutionary model of what a fraternity can be.

In this new model, a fraternity is not a “social club,” but a family of brothers bound together by the six pillars of Beta Chi Theta, the most important being Brotherhood. Membership in Beta Chi Theta is a complete experience, molding your son into a true gentleman. As he enters college and its endless possibilities, Beta Chi Theta provides a support network to navigate life’s challenges. Beta Chi Theta is both peer and mentor.
As he progresses through our New Member process, he will learn the lasting traditions that links each and every member of Beta Chi Theta. Our roots are steeped in South Asian culture, but our brothers come from all parts of the globe. He will enjoy opportunities to give back to the community. Each member is required to perform a minimum amount of community service hours, but most go above and beyond this requirement.

When classes get tough, Beta Chi Theta is there with a full fledged academic excellence program geared towards matching members based on common courses and interests. From there, members aid each other through study hours and although a minimum GPA is required, our members boast average GPA’s high above this. And anywhere he goes, he will be able to access our vast network. Our chapters stretch coast to coast, and whenever your son is near, he is welcome. Most fraternities cannot name all the brothers in their chapter, but our brothers have intimately connected with brothers on other campuses, states, and even countries.

Brotherhood. Tradition. South Asian Awareness. Service to Humanity. Academic Excellence. Nationwide Network. These are the six pillars of Beta Chi Theta.

Your son will emerge as a balanced leader. As he pursues his dreams after college, he will have an extensive network of alumni to consult on all the different paths he can take. Our esteemed Alumni excel in graduate school, medical programs, Fortune 500 companies, consultancies, finance companies, nonprofit organizations, and beyond. The diversity of the professions of our alumni are only rivaled by the diversity of our brotherhood itself. And all alumni are just a phone call or email away.

He will graduate a Gentleman of Beta Chi Theta. But the journey does not end there. It is only the beginning of a lifelong commitment to a fraternity that has given him so much. He is now a role model for so many who come after him. His influence extends beyond those he has directly touched. Those he has influenced will influence others. This is his legacy.

No other fraternity can afford your son the unparalleled benefits of Beta Chi Theta. This is the full potential of what a fraternity can be. This is Beta Chi Theta.

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