Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fraternity?

In essence, a fraternity is an organization of men drawn together by friendship, shared interests, and common goals. While in school, a student will have the chance to be a part of different of groups, from the academic honorary to the social. There are a variety of choices available that will help to improve the student’s college experience. Social Fraternities help to improve the social aspects of a student’s life and are primarily separated based on gender. Beta Chi Theta is classified as a South Asian interest social fraternity that is open to males of any background. To Top of Page

How will my son benefit from joining Beta Chi Theta?

Most parents prefer their children to go to the same school so that the elder siblings can directly mentor the younger ones. Well, rather than just having one or two elder siblings, Beta Chi Theta will provide your son with a network of Brothers who will help to guide and mold him into a gentleman and help him succeed in his goals. This network of Brothers who share similar backgrounds and ideals is what separates us from other organizations.

The connections and bonds created are hardly temporary, but lifelong. Additionally, joining Beta Chi Theta will allow your son to experience tremendous personal growth. Each Chapter is responsible for the success and expansion of their organization. Professional skills are attained and enhanced by each Brother of Beta Chi Theta. Here is a list of skills that Beta Chi Theta will help to develop:


  • Planning and organizing events and activities.
  • Problem solving
  • Risk management
  • Time Management


  • Oral: Opportunities for public speaking are presented to Brothers through meetings, presentations, seminars, and negotiations.
  • Written: Brothers will be exposed to writing proposals, letters, guides, articles for publications, as well as for speeches.


  • Brothers will learn to effectively resolve issues within the organization, helping to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Brothers will actively interact with each other and individuals outside the organization to accomplish tasks
  • Brothers will learn how to market and advertise their organization and themselves, crucial skills in the job market


  • Maintaining and planning budgets – exposure to finance and corporate banking

These skills will help each member in the future as they pursue their goals. Our members are involved in an array of campus activities, and they are visible campus leaders able to successfully balance all aspects of their lives. As we continue to expand our membership, our brothers have a unique opportunity to attain high positions in the fraternity, where they will directly influence decisions that will guide the direction of our organization. To Top of Page

Will joining Beta Chi Theta affect my son’s academics?

Yes, in a very POSITIVE way. The majority of our chapters have the highest GPA’s among those involved in Greek Life. Did you also know that on average the All-Greek GPA is higher than the All-Undergraduate GPA? What does this say about Beta Chi Theta? Well, it says that Academics is one of the top priorities for our members. First and foremost, our members come to college to get an education and fulfill their professional aspirations. Our members consistently excel in scholastic achievement.

This notion is backed by the fact that Academic Excellence is one of the core principles that Beta Chi Theta was founded upon. All of our chapters have a minimum GPA requirement that members must meet or exceed to be considered in good standing. In addition, programs are available to aid the member such as mentoring, study hours, and tutoring. Many of our members are recipients of academics awards and scholarships. Additionally, several of our member have gone on to top graduate, medical and law schools at Harvard University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Stanford University and many more. To Top of Page

What kind of activities will my son be involved in, if he joins this fraternity?

Being a part of Beta Chi Theta will allow your son the opportunity to plan and organize a variety of events. These events can include anything from community service, fundraising events, and social mixers, as well as those that expand to other areas such as academic and cultural, which include lectures, workshops and seminars. These events will not only improve the quality of life on campus, but will allow your son to be remembered as someone who has made a significant and positive impact for all students and the surrounding community. To Top of Page

What is Beta Chi Theta’s policy on Hazing?

Beta Chi Theta has a zero tolerance policy on hazing. We have a New Member Education program by which membership is attained. Through this program, he will learn about the history and values of the fraternity, all the while getting to know his fellow members through team building activities that will help to improve his interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills. To Top of Page

What is Beta Chi Theta’s policy on Alcohol?

Beta Chi Theta implements a very strict and detailed risk management policy. For one, the fraternity discourages anyone under the age of 21 from drinking alcohol and ensures that at any social event alcohol is not provided to minors. These standards are also enforced by university policy, as well as state and federal laws. We feel that excessive alcohol consumption is detrimental to one’s health and contradictory to the Fraternity’s ideals. The majority of our events are alcohol-free such as those related to recruitment and philanthropy. To Top of Page

What is the New Member Education Process?

The New Member Education Process is a time when your son will learn all about the history, values and traditions of Beta Chi Theta.  During this time, your son will also be given the opportunity to learn many valuable soft skills that will help him become a leader and pioneer at his college campus and in his professional lives. Through practice in running meetings, giving presentations, writing budget requests , planning  philanthropy events, and socializing with other organizations, he will have a skill set that sets him apart from the average student. To Top of Page

What are the requirements to join?

Beta Chi Theta places a strong emphasis on academics, so at least a GPA of 2.5 is required. Most of our chapters have even higher requirements. In addition, your son must be enrolled full time and be in good standing with the university.  Beta Chi Theta does not discriminate in its membership and is open to men of all races, religions, nationalities and sexual orientations. To Top of Page

Does my son have to be South Asian to join?

Simple answer: NO!  Although South Asian awareness is one of our pillars, we are open to all men regardless of their race. To Top of Page

Who can I contact for more information?

We fully understand that as a Parent you only want the best for your son. While this FAQ may not answer all your questions, we hope that it has cleared any doubts or misconceptions you may have had. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with us. To Top of Page

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