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This is a seven part series originally written by Brother Ehson Afsar from Vanderbilt University exploring deterrents and misconceptions concerning the fraternity industry and how they are fallacious. The campaign is an effort by Beta Chi Theta to provide insightful thought leadership on the fraternity world.

  • 30 August | 2010

    You may be asking yourself: Why should I join a fraternity when I can just join a cultural organization, a service organization, or even simply hang out with my friends?

  • 05 September | 2010

    A common misconception regarding fraternities is a lack of diversity, however diversity comes in many forms including academic interests, personality and national origin.

  • 12 September | 2010

    Our members pay dues, not to make friends but rather to host events that promote our values and ideals throughout the community and to help those that are less fortunate.

  • 21 September | 2010

    Many men in our fraternity shy away from telling their parents about their membership in the organization, paralyzed by the fear that their parents will be disappointed.

  • 26 September | 2010

    Many people will argue that fraternities and sororities promulgate the idea of elitist organizations which lead to a divisive campus.


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